Check out the Jaw Dropping Features of a Luxury Armored Car

Thinking of buying a luxurious car? Opt for an avant-garde armored G wagen loaded with the superlative features with unmatched ergonomics and high-end technology. If you are tech-savvy and yearn for sophistication, advanced armored vehicles happens to be the best bet.

A civilian armored G wagen is typically a large saloon manufactured by estimable companies. So, you are planning to invest your money in buying such a vehicle, you must have a thorough understanding of its features to enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

Given below are the striking and unique features of an armored ride you can’t afford to ignore. Check them out:armored G wagen

  • Armored Roof

This is perhaps an intrinsic feature that every armored car boasts. The best part is that the roofs are armored without compromising the look. The idea is armoring the roof is to protect individuals from intrusion of bullets from above. So, you can breathe without any fear once you are inside the car.

  • Impeccable Brake System

Rides of these sorts are usually equipped with OEM brake pads and rotor disc. The main purpose behind such engineering is to compensate for the heavy weight of an armored car. You can enjoy a seamless journey with this amazing brake system. Needless to mention, the inclusion of rotor discs will help in cutting down the stopping distance exponentially.

  • Bulletproof Doors and Windows

This is another feature that embodies the element of safety. Armored cars usually feature ballistic doors & windows. However, the makers make no compromise when it comes to the look and feel of the doors and windows. In cars of this type, the hinges are typically replaced and upgraded for maximum functionality.

  • Excellent Engine Protection System

The engine of any armored G wagen is superior and this is what makes this ride unique and expensive. Makers manufacture the engines by deploying best practices of automobile engineering. Moreover, you can expect features like battery & radiator armor protection along with engine in the back of these cars.  Nevertheless, you will also have the option to upgrade your engine protection system in accordance with the availability of latest features.

  • Bulletproof Glass

Keeping compliance to the international standards, the glass are made bullet proof. The windows are unbelievably sturdier and can withstand bullets and even high temperature keeping the passengers and drivers safe inside.

armored G wagens

  • Presence of Run-flat Tires

Punctured tires are no more an issue. Equipped with run flat tires, your car can stay on the road even when one or more tires becomes flat. Thus, you don’t have to go bonkers and take necessary actions to do immediate change of tires. Moreover, your car will perform absolutely even after going through a ballistic attack.

Over the past few years, with the emergence of superior technology, armored G wagen cars have found a new way. These cars are beyond speed and torque. So, while making a purchase, take care of every feature to experience an excellence in ride. What’s more? Buy an armored car and escape in style! For more information click here!

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